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India’s first-ever app for real life where you learn to put yourself first. Skill up in financial literacy and independence, emotional resilience, mental health and well-being and more by joining a thriving community of people who are actively working to create a life of their dreams.  

You and me have this amazing gift of life. It’s priceless, divine, and extraordinary. Yet, in our day-to-day, we fail to experience its magic.

Reasons could be anything: gnawing worry about the future; anger and disappointment with the past. Unresolved issues and challenges in the present. Struggling today. Lack of clarity, confidence, resources, support system… Real life. Does` it have to be so disempowering?

The answer is a clear no.

I believe that everybody who has the gift of life must have the gift of power, too. It is this power or shakti that makes us who we are: Magical beings who feel, imagine, inspire, connect, and create. But it is hard to do this in our normal lives when we face daily hits from the people around us. To this add the general lack of opportunities and resources. So that, by the time we’re in our 20s – the right age to start adventuring, we’re burned out, ridden with anxieties, and struggling to make ourselves heard.

We wake up at some point wishing for a solution that would help us be more street-smart, practical, more resilient, more capable. If we’re lucky, we recognise this wake-up call as an opportunity to shift gears. The solution is Be Your Own Shakti (BYOS). India’s first-ever app-based programme for driving real change in your life.

BYOS recognises that while we all want different things out of our lives, we all rely on the very same means. This is the root of all stress. Struggling for the means: be it money, power, status, security, access to education, infrastructure, and other resources.

Therefore, it’s most important for you to first define what you want out of your life. Then set about creating that life of your desires. It can happen only when you put yourself first, no matter what situations life throws at you.

BYOS shows you How You Can Put Yourself First. That’s the vision.

We are doing this by:

  1. Creating a network of communities solving for real-life challenges: Join the right BYOS community. BYOS is currently running a rapidly growing network of communities across 95 Indian cities, connecting more than 500 people who are working together to help one another tackle specific issues such as financial illiteracy, sexual harassment, domestic violence, sexism, misogyny and more. BYOS is set to target million+ people who are committed to growth.
  2. Strengthening your foundations: Face up your life’s challenges. BYOS gives you exclusive access to e-learning courses, podcasts, and blogs that help you become: more financially literate and aware; address social issues acting as hurdles in your life, such as domestic violence, sexual harassment, and more; work on your mental health and well-being…
  3. Providing access to expert advice: Tap into our professional expertise. Our network involves experts in financial planning, psychologists, sexologists, lawyers and more to help our communities with authentic, unbiased information and guidance.
  4. Helping you to create your own support system: Take a step ahead. No matter what the limitations of your current social or physical environment. Being part of BYOS community gives you a chance to belong to a circle that supports and encourages you, understands your aspirations and your needs.

The combined effect of all of these aspects is such that it acts as a force multiplier in putting yourself first. It’s time you reclaimed your life and your relationships.

Be Your Own Shakti.

Our 500+ strong BYOS community is active in 95 cities across 26 states and 4 Union Territories. They are learning to put themselves first, every single day. You deserve to take the first step towards Being Your Own Shakti: be a part of our growing community.


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