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Be Your Own Shakti is India’s first-of-its-kind EdTech platform for imparting life skills to succeed in the real world.​

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Indian professionals look at their educational degrees as a gateway to a successful career. They invest time & money to acquire sought after degrees and certifications, however a large majority of them lack the skills needed to navigate and succeed in the real-world. These are life skills on how to manage the real world challenges: from basics on how to make the most of your paycheck, or to stand up in the face of workplace prejudices and the lack of a safe and conducive work environment. These may seem trivial issues at first glance but these could make or break one’s career and have a lasting impact on personal and professional life.

First of it’s kind

Such issues and skills are not taught at educational institutions and are also not part of the community discourse, thus giving rise to a generation unaware and unequipped to deal with these and unable to make the most of their lives. In order to address this wide gap in life skills education, India’s leading awareness experts Be.artsy has launched this EdTech platform aimed at taking life skills education far and wide via e-learning. Be Your Own Shakti features Be.artsy’s flagship programmes and courses, beginning with financial literacy ‘Be Your Own Lakshmi’ aka BYOL, a financial literacy programme curated for Indian women. The course content features well-researched information validated by subject matter experts and packaged in a creative format, a hallmark of all Be.artsy’s educational programmes.

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Shikha Mittal, Founder, Director Be.artsy, who made it to the Forbes India W-Power Trailblazers List 2019, explains the objective behind taking Be.artsy’s initiative to launch an exclusive Edtech to take awareness programmes online, “Ahead of the pandemic Be.artsy was actively involved in curating on-ground awareness programmes. With the outbreak, things came to a grinding halt and this made us sit back and think. I noticed that people started facing new challenges within the confines of their homes during the lockdown. A lot of news about job losses and furloughs started to surface along with increased violence against women. Both these aspects are an integral part of our awareness program. It was at this moment we realised that there was a need to improve the awareness and impart knowledge on money management, prevention of sexual harassment and domestic violence, and other such socioeconomic issues in a structured and formalised manner through a dedicated online platform for wider reach and ease of delivery. This motivated us to launch Be Your Own Shakti which will impart these skills virtually to a large section across the length and breadth of India in local language and context. The first and only one of its kind!”

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