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“I have been earning from the last 8 years and have never thought of saving until a few months back. I recently started paying my own insurance premiums and started investing too, but my investments are handled by hubby and insurance decisions by dad. I was really looking out for something to be able to do on my own. This definitely helps. I always endup splurging but now I will be mindful! Thanks for the enlightenment.”

Jyeshtha BYOL 2021 Batch participant

"Thank you Shikha and the team. It was wonderful to learn all about money that I should have been taught in school. Honestly, it has opened my eyes. The most important thing I learnt from BYOL was "Control". Hamara control, for all our lives, stays in the hands of the male counterparts only in real life. Thank you for bringing to light the true meaning of independence. I swear that realisation in itself is a game-changer for one's life . The feeling that I can manage my own money is liberating and I am feeling in control of myself. Sending lots of love & more love to the whole BYOL team."

Smriti Gupta BYOL 2021 Batch participant

“I totally relate when you say there is no financial literacy course out there. As I started working in 2019 I was dictated by my Father what to do with the money which was mostly in FD. I work for a company that creates software for the traders to trade and I knew nothing about money. Since then I have been extensively working on educating myself but I got no concrete knowledge from anywhere. Till I came across BYOL. I spent 1.5 years searching for a reliable platform for financial literacy. Thanks a lot for creating this course. I can talk to my father and hold up a conversation convincing him that he needs to upgrade. I seriously can't thank you enough.”

Mankiran BYOL 2021 Batch participant

“I want to Thank Shikha and her team for this very essential and well organised program. Every weekend I look forward to the classes, where every time I am imbibing crucial financial wisdom and orienting my mindset for a better financial future. The amount of effort and sincerity that Shikha puts into her classes to explain concepts and techniques is commendable. Also there is so much to learn from the fellow attendees from various fields. I consider joining the BYOL program to be a very useful investment (high reward but no risk this time) towards my pursuit of happiness.”

Antara Sengupta BYOL 2021 Batch participant

“BYOL has been a wonderful experience for me. Earlier, I had zero clarity, so much confusion about investments and taxes especially. There were so many whats and hows and whys. Now there is so much clarity. I am already applying the things I learnt. Identifying clearly the needs, wants and desires on a day to day basis has already changed the way I spend. This course has given me a proper start for my financial journey. Thank you so much Shikha for being an amazing mentor and for introducing us to your awesome BYOL community.”

Sumita BYOL 2021 Batch participant

“Thanks a lot for organizing this course! It has helped me grow both personally and professionally, and not to forget the confidence it has given me! It has also made me so much grateful for the life I have, and I am very sure that the contents of this course will help me provide the same to the people around me. Your energy is very infectious, and I guess that is what has transferred to all of us! Thank you very much! Will definitely recommend this course to everyone around me!”

Shristi Arora BYOL 2021 Batch participant

“On 30th May when I received my first salary in the new company but some tax has been deducted, I heard about this course from a friend. This course was truly life changing and I am really very grateful to the class and you who have done their enthusiastic work enthusiastically to benefit someone like me to be able to study about financial planning. The concepts were easy to understand and the real life scenario really helped to gauge my perception towards my financial planning. Loved this class. Appreciate it so much that it was so practical.”

​Sakshi​ BYOL 2021 Batch participant

“This was the best decision I have ever made. Through this course I have developed a deeper understanding of the psychology behind money. Now I view money as more than something that needs to be earned and saved. I have unlocked the true meaning behind the power of compounding. “Even the trickiest concept seems to be easy now. Apart from the course, how Shikha (Mittal) connected theory with practical life is all a person wants to get deeper understanding!” I have high praises for the Be.artsy team who have set out with their mission to make India financially literate with its easiest possible content.”

Eva Gupta BYOL 2021 Batch participant

“Just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful initiative. I never thought I would have access to this kind of information with this level of honesty and detail. I really feel privileged to be able to receive this information. I am going to have more of my circle join this program for sure. Your content is very approachable and practical. I have been in the arts field and numbers are very intimidating for artists but you made it so easy.”

Dhara BYOL 2021 Batch participant

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